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You can save up to 60% off suggested retail prices by buying name brand furniture from dealers in North Carolina. Each furniture store in North Carolina has its own specific guidelines and procedures for doing business.

In order to help you understand what to expect from the dealers, this page explains the major ways that different dealers handle the various aspects of doing business.

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What is Available from the North Carolina Dealers

"The Furniture Capital of the World" is found in North Carolina and North Carolina has the world's largest collection of furniture and accessories. Over 60% of all furniture manufactured in the United States is made in North Carolina. Practically any kind of home furnishings that you may want is available from North Carolina dealers.

If you need one or two pieces of furniture, or if you need a whole room-full or house-full of furniture, you can find it in North Carolina.

Traditional and contemporary furniture account for the majority of furniture that is sold in the United States. Additional styles of furniture are available including oriental, reproductions, rattan, wicker and wrought iron. Also home accessories are available in North Carolina. including oriental rugs, fabrics, clocks, antiques, lamps, mirrors, chandeliers, wallpaper, garden accessories, bedding and linens.

Many furniture dealers also sell office furniture for corporate environments and for home-office use.

Most of the furniture that is sold in North Carolina is first quality. The retailer's proximity to the leading manufacturers enables them to offer the finest in home furnishings at savings up to 50%. Some stores sell market samples, over-runs, showroom samples, cancellations and slight factory irregulars. You may be able to save up to 65% on these items.

If you have any questions, ask the salesperson that is helping you. In addition, most stores have interior designers on staff whom you may consult without additional charge.

There are 4 Main Ways that You Can Buy Name Brand Furniture at Tremendous Savings from the Dealers in North Carolina

1. If you cannot come to North Carolina, you can also purchase furniture by using their internet site. You can contact a North Carolina furniture store and tell a salesperson the manufacturers name, the model number and/or the collection name, the wood finish and/or fabric name and color. The salesperson will then prepare a quote for you and send this quote to you for your confirmation.

2. If you cannot come to North Carolina, you can purchase furniture by phone, even if you don’t know exactly what you want! You can contact a North Carolina furniture store and tell a salesperson what you need (bedroom furniture, living room furniture, etc.) and what your approximate budget is. The salesperson will then email, fax or mail you some pictures or brochures and you can then choose the exact type and style of furniture that you want. You can then call or email the salesperson and place your order.

3. If you come to North Carolina to purchase furniture, you may decide to buy furniture that is on display in one of the furniture stores. If you want to rent a trailer or truck, you can take your furniture home with you the day you purchase it. In most cases, however, the dealers will arrange to have this furniture delivered to your home. Depending on where you live, your new furniture will usually be delivered in 2 to 8 weeks.

4. If you come to North Carolina to purchase furniture, you may not find exactly what you want at the furniture dealers showrooms. In that case, you can work with a salesperson at the furniture store and order exactly what you want from a manufacturer. This furniture can usually be delivered to your home in about 4 to 10 weeks.

How to Pay for Your Furniture

If you come to North Carolina and purchase furniture that is in a dealer’s showroom, you will have to pay for the furniture at that time. Obviously, all the furniture stores will accept cash! Usually, it is more convenient to pay with charge cards or checks. Some dealers prefer checks, some dealers prefer charge cards. Ask the dealer what their policy is.

If you special order furniture, most furniture dealers will require a deposit of 20% to 50% at the time your furniture is ordered. Then, when your furniture is ready to be delivered to your home (usually in about 4 to 10 weeks) you will have to pay the remaining balance in

1. Before your furniture is delivered to your home, you will have to
send the furniture dealer a personal check or a cashiers’s check for the outstanding balance.

2. You may have to pay the outstanding balance when your furniture is delivered to your home. The balance is usually payable with a cashiers check or a certified check.

Make sure you are aware of the furniture dealer’s policy regarding
acceptance of personal checks, cashier’s checks, certified checks and
charge cards.


Many stores have their own trucks and they will deliver the furniture
that you purchase. Some stores hire professional delivery services to
delivery your furniture. With either of these two options, your
furniture may be uncrated and set up in your home for you.

In some cases, the furniture stores will ship your furniture to your
home via common carrier. The furniture will be delivered to your
driveway or sidewalk and you will be responsible for unpacking it and
setting it up in your home. Make certain that you understand whether
your furniture will be delivered and set-up in your home or only
delivered to your driveway or sidewalk.

A Few Tips if You are Planning to Come to North Carolina
to Buy Furniture

1. Before you leave home, remember to bring swatches or color samples of furniture, drapes, fabrics, paint or wallpaper that you will need to color match. If swatches aren't available, take good color pictures & bring them with you.

2. If you are buying furniture for a whole room or entire house, bring a floor plan of each room (include window, door & ceiling measurements) to help you select furniture with the correct dimensions. Measure other pieces of furniture in the room to ensure that your new furniture will be compatible in scale.

3. If necessary, take hall measurements, door measurements and ceiling measurements. If you are buying furniture that will go upstairs in a two or three story house, bring measurements of the hall and stairway so that you can make sure any furniture that you buy can be carried up your stairway.

4. Decide on the furniture style that you like. You can bring pictures of furniture that you like from your favorite home furnishings magazines.

5. With todays eclectic styles of decorating, many people use different types and finishes of wood in the same room. Select interesting pieces of furniture that complement each other and reflect your taste. If you have oriental and/or decorative rugs that you will be using, make certain that the fabric that you choose for upholstery will complement the colors and design of your rug.

6. To make small rooms look bigger, select furniture and accessories with colors that closely match the walls and floors. Also, reduce the number of pieces of furniture in the room and add reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass-top tables.

7. To make a large room look smaller and more intimate, position furniture away from the wall and use taller pieces such as an entertainment center, armoire or screen. Use rugs, patterned upholstery fabrics and printed wallpaper to give the area a warm and more comfortable feeling.

8. When shopping for upholstered furniture, try to get the facts about the basic construction: springs, frames, padding, cushions and fabric. Always test furniture that will be used for seating by doing just that: sit on it! Consider how well the chair fits your particular body build. The height of the arms, the pitch of the back and the support under your knees should feel right for your body.

9. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes on your shopping trip.

Add Lighting to your Home...
The right lighting can make the difference between feeling melancholy & feeling happy. Good lighting can even make you look better!

Chandeliers, lamps and sconces can be as creatively varied as any work of art. Chandeliers can bring instant glamour to any room. Cut crystal is the most widely known material, but chandeliers can be made from wrought iron, brass, tole, wood and ceramic materials. Contemporary interiors can also be enhanced with chandeliers of steel, chrome and glass.
Lamps can be as varied as the rooms they go in. In addition to various metals, lamps can also be improvised from objects such as ceramics, sculptures, vases, boots or musical instruments. If your lamp is your art, you can place it in your room as precisely as a sculpture.

Sconces are the most versatile of lighting options and they can be used in any room. Sconces can look like artwork on a wall or they can be a discreet source for a wash of light.

Built-in lighting is artful in a different way. If the light source is hidden in the architecture, light itself becomes a design element. Light can create different moods in an area. If your room is filled with art, for example, you can highlight certain pieces of art with a splash of light and use shadows to downplay less important areas in the room.

Soft lighting focused on a comfortable seating area can be conducive to more personal or intimate conversation. A large party can be made more lively by using evenly distributed bright light that will encourage a flow of movement and lively talk. Dimmer switches add drama to any occasion by lowering light where it's not needed and brightening the areas where activity is centered.



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